April 4, 2013


HARDBALL host Chris Matthews.


I’m not always a fan of HARDBALL host Chris Matthews’ interview style, but if you’re as sick and tired as I am with the continuing efforts of the gun lobby to stop all sensible gun safety legislation, the video below is a welcome and cathartic experience.

Of course, the gun lovers, in a perpetual state of arousal for their high capacity magazines and assault weapons, are already calling Matthews a bully for his blistering attack on Gun Owners of America Executive Director Larry Pratt. Oh, boo hoo! Once again, the Righties can dish it out but, heaven forbid you question them on anything, and they run around crying like the little bitches they are.

Pratt refuses to answer simple questions and instead pulls the official gun lobby talking points out of his ass and starts the usual blather. “We don’t trust people like you.” “Gun laws won’t prevent criminals from getting guns.” “The polls are wrong.” Waaaaaah. You know what, dude, shut the hell up and stop the lies!

If guns don't kill people why are there more gun deaths in the states with the most guns? CLICK for the full article from Mother Jones.

Yeah, I’m kinda pissed off here. I’m sorry, but you can’t be polite with these people. They are literally in the thrall of an absolutist view of the 2nd Amendment. It’s their Eleventh Commandment. What they’ll never admit to is the reality they want to hide: the NRA and Gun Owners of America are fronts for the multi-billion dollar gun and ammo industry. They use every tactic in their book of shame to whip the paranoid and the ignorant into a frenzy and scare politicians in areas where these folks live in large concentrations.

Let me be clear, I’m not talking about most gun owners here. They are, by and large, very responsible people who want the same sane regulations as the rest of us. My beef is specific to the lobbying groups and the fringe element they play to.

The polls don’t matter to people who are convinced the black helicopters are coming for their guns.  We’re talking about people who have convinced themselves that Newtown was some kind of fraud perpetrated solely to force gun control on the country. Yeah, right. Those 26 innocent kids and teachers are alive and well, secretly frolicking on the same fantasy island where they faked the moon landing and shipped all of the concentration camp victims as part of that Holocaust lie.

I know I’m not alone in expressing disgust and dismay that even universal background checks, something upwards of 90% of us support in poll after poll, is being attacked by the gun lobby. Who cares that they used to support the concept. Apparently they love their weapons and bullets more than people and nothing is going to stand in the way of their sick affections. Never mind that the 2nd Amendment opens with “A well regulated militia.” That little tidbit is a fact and facts don’t matter to people who are on guard 24/7/365 for the phantom Fed bogeymen lurking in the bushes.

Shameful doesn’t begin to describe the state of affairs on this issues. I blame Democrats in the Senate (yes, I’m talking to you, Harry Reid, you spineless sycophant) and House just as much as I do Republicans. They say we get the government we deserve and, sadly, I’m beginning to think that’s true.

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