After a four month hiatus, RONTHINK was officially re-launched on October 24, 2014. 

The most obvious change is our new design. It's bright and bold with a more casual, informal feel. We changed the color scheme, added more "breathing room" to the side bars and streamlined the entire layout. We also made everything easier on the eyes, including striking new headlines, an easier to read font for all site copy and larger type size in our posts.

What hasn't changed is our commitment to quality, original content. This includes TV and movie reviews that pull no punches and an op-ed policy designed to counter the knee-jerk hype and hysteria favored by mainstream media outlets. Proudly progressive but never PC, RONTHINK also offers unique perspectives on breaking news, politics, current social issues, technology and pop-culture.  

As part of our re-design, you can expect more special themed series, consumer product reviews and articles focused on practical ways to save time and money. We will also be adding new media features, including downloadable content and photo slide shows.


If you like what you read on RONTHINK, please spread the word! You are the single most important source of new readers and audience growth. When you share RONTHINK with others, link to our content or add a comment to any post, you are helping us grow and expand our reach. That's why our re-design also includes an extensive upgrade to social features throughout the site.


Want to share only a selected portion of a post? We've added a new copy/paste tool that makes it easy. Select the text you want to share then right-click and choose "copy" (or use CTRL+C on your keyboard). An automatic pops up appears giving you the option to share the text you've selected to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Google Plus with one click. Example:

What if you want to email your selection? When you paste the text you've copied into the body of any email, an attribution line is automatically populated. It includes a link to the full article on RONTHINK. Example:


We've retained AddThis as our main content sharing service but we've streamlined its integration. To share the site on any social network, use the large toolbar that appears in a lock-up on the left side of your screen. To share a specific article on any social network, use the toolbar that appears in the footer of every post.

A Facebook "Like" button now appears on all posts. It is located in the footer, just above the AddThis sharing toolbar.

At the bottom of the individual post pages you will find call-outs of additional content from the RONTHINK archive. These articles have been recommended for you based on the content of posts you have read during your current and previous visits. 

This The left side bar contains various blog subscription and "follow us" options along with convenience features like blog translation and search tools, an email comments/questions feedback module and the popular DAILY MUST READS, top headlines and story posts from some of the best content providers online. You can't pay to be included in this list. These are the blogs and websites RONTHINK writers and editors visit daily and think you will also enjoy.

The right side bar contains a number of content and navigation modules (including a scroll of our most recent posts as well as a running tally of the most popular content on RONTHINK), our live Twitter feed, the blog archive, additional cross-platform links, your daily horoscope (one of the best online, we hear) and our fish tank. Please use your mouse to feed the fishies.

Near the footer of each post you will also notice various "You might also like" links to additional archive content from RONTHINK.


We eliminated the main navigation bar that used to appear in the site header. In its place, we've added a QUICK LINKS navigation widget. It's located at the top of the left side bar. 

In addition to the HOME PAGE link, you'll find new links to three of the most popular content categories on RONTHINK: TV/VIDEO, MOVIES and POLITICS.

You'll also see links to our FACEBOOK page, TWITTER feed and the RONTHINK AMAZON STORE (you can shop Amazon and access your wish lists without leaving our site).

If you're an avid Kindle user, click on the GET RONTHINK ON KINDLE subscription link. You can get all future RONTHINK articles delivered to your Kindle automatically. A nominal monthly subscription fee is charged. You can cancel at any time.

Also, feel free to use the same module to email us at any time with suggestions, questions or story ideas. We'd love to hear from you.


In the right side bar you'll find three additional navigation widgets. Each is designed to help you access recent posts and older, archive content.

At the top of the right sidebar, NEW ON RONTHINK features a scroll of call-outs for the five most recent article posts. Just below it, OUR MOST POPULAR POSTS contains links to the ten most read articles on the site. This list is updated dynamically based on a rolling tally of readership for the prior 30 days.

Further down in the right side bar, THE ARCHIVE gives you full access to every live post we've published on RONTHINK. The drop down menus are organized chronologically. 

After some back and forth, we opted to continue posting full articles in the main page scroll rather than a summary that would then require you to click on a READ MORE link to in order to access the full post. It's an aesthetic choice and one that we think makes reading each post a seamless experience.

Remember, if you wish to comment on any post, you have to be on the individual post page. You will know you are not on a post page if you don't see the Facebook comments area at the bottom of an article or if the headline of a post is clickable (which, when clicked on, takes you to the individual post page).

If you wish to jump back to the top of any page, look for the new TAKE ME TO THE TOP button. It appears automatically on the bottom left side of your screen as you scroll down a page.


Though we've made extensive changes to RONTHINK as part of this re-design, we remain committed to offering you a user experience free of annoying ad clutter. We make every effort to place advertising so that it is visible but aesthetically pleasing and minimally invasive. We don't do screen takeovers, overlays or in-article links that generate sponsored pop-ups.

RONTHINK continues as a member of the Amazon.com Affiliate Program. We have also joined the Ebay Affilate Program as of October, 2014. 

Our participation in any ad-supported program has no influence on what we cover or don't cover and in no way impacts the opinions expressed in our posts or the editorial independence of RONTHINK. Also, no endorsement of our content should be implied or assumed on the part of any advertiser or sponsor.

We encourage you to show your support for RONTHINK and the excellent affiliate programs from Amazon and Ebay. When you make a purchase from either site after navigating to them from any advertisment or sponsored link here, we receive a percentage of your sale. This helps us offset any maintenance costs associated with keeping RONTHINK live.

Thank You for Your Support!