January 16, 2015

THE ARCHIVE: The Boston Marathon Bombing

Remembering the lives lost during and after the Boston Marathon Bombing.

Remembering. Reflecting. Recovering.

This blog was only a few months old when terrorists set off two homemade bombs at the 2013 Boston Marathon. Though it was never our intention to cover breaking news, RONTHINK became a temporary clearing house for the latest developments almost immediately after we heard about the explosions from friends who were on-site at the event. We spent days separating fact from fiction; squashing rumors and false leads that were widely reported in major news outlets. With a huge assist from our amazing Twitter followers and Facebook friends, RONTHINK became a small part of a much bigger narrative; one that rose from the depths of fear and soared to become Boston Strong.

As jury selection gets underway here in Boston for the trial of surviving bombing suspect Dzhokar Tsarnaev, we can think of no better time to remember the lives lost and those saved by first responders and everyday heroes. Scroll down the page and join us for a journey of reflection and recovery with a visit to the RONTHINK Archives and a look back at all of our Boston Marathon Bombing coverage.

Gravely injured Jeff Bauman rescued by paramedics and everyday hero Carlos Arredondo.

The Archive: Boston Marathon Bombing

NOTE: We cannot be responsible for the state of links to outside media resources, including websites, document embeds, video clips and interviews. We apologize for any inactive resource links but it is our intention to preserve these selections from our archive in their original state as a digital time capsule.

CLICK HERE for our main news coverage page. This was our “living, breathing” base of operations. It launched in the immediate aftermath of the attack and ran 24/7 as local, state and Federal authorities pursued the bombing suspects. Includes extensive links to additional news coverage and a large photo gallery.

CLICK HERE for a first person account of the bombing and reflection on the aftermath from RONTHINK correspondent Pete Hogan. Pete was tapped to cover video games for us but found himself thrust into a nightmare. His wife, Jennifer, was running the Boston Marathon for the first time. She crossed the finish line nine minutes before the first explosion.

CLICK HERE for our report on the first hearing of United States of America v. Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, held bedside by Judge Marianne B. Bowler in Tsarnaev’s hospital room. Includes links to additional news reports.

CLICK HERE to read the full criminal complaint against Tsarnaev.

CLICK HERE to listen to the chilling first-person account of gravely injured bombing victim Jeff Bauman. Bauman, who lost both legs as a result of the attack, is pictured above in an iconic image from that day.

CLICK HERE for a full account of the charges that were leveled against friends of Tsarnaev. Includes the full criminal complaint.

The now-famous "Boston Strong" cover from Boston Magazine. CLICK for more information.